Being an Interior Design nerd/nutcase I often find myself window shopping in home decor venues. This season has brought about some amazing colors and textures, and I’m always looking for something that POPS. I wasn’t expecting it to be cotton. Honestly I was shocked to see it in home stores. I never considered cotton, with […]

The Balancing Act Myth

You see them, those perfect Instagram Home-School pages, with their tidy homes. A menagerie of  dinner recipes, cute crafts, perfect schedules and their Stay At Home Moms. Oh you got time to craft,cook and still look cute Lisa? I sound like I’m hating, but I promise you I’m not.  I’m just here to state that […]

Beginning with the End in mind

ck to It’s coming…can you feel it? The tenseness in the air is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.Yes it’s another school year, just around the corner. Don’t you feel like it just ended? Where the heck did Summer go? With all that being said what I’m doing different this year, is […]

This was not the plan

My family made tremendous sacrifices and certainly suffered silently so that I could attend private school. For a brief period I attended public and after being told by a teacher that I was “stupid” in my kindergarten class, my family enrolled me into the nearest Catholic school. So immediately after having children guess what we […]

Black Home Schoolers

#BlackHomeSchoolers How many times have you searched this hashtag? There’s been a steady increase of African American families that have taken their children out of traditional brick and mortars, and courageously decided to home-school, cyber-school, participate in community co-ops as well as un-schooling. I suppose the million dollar question is why? For us it was a […]

What’s the worst that could happen?

By the end of our son’s 4th grade school year, we had our fill of meetings, writing letters to teachers and school admin, disciplinary issues, unfulfilled promises of tutoring and assistance and oh yeah writing checks. We were  mentally exhausted. My son was mentally exhausted. I feel like the cat was mentally exhausted. The whole […]