How many times have you searched this hashtag?

There’s been a steady increase of African American families that have taken their children out of traditional brick and mortars, and courageously decided to home-school, cyber-school, participate in community co-ops as well as un-schooling.

Image result for black familyI suppose the million dollar question is why?

For us it was a multitude of reasons, perhaps you can relate to a few:

-Our children were inundated with busy work

-More time allocated to disciplinary challenges than learning

-There was a obvious cultural disconnect with teachers and students, and no one seemed interested in fixing.

-The curriculum was often biased & outdated

Should I go on?  These were just a few reasons for us and I’m sure you probably can add three or four more things to the list.  Would one of them be racism  or violence ? Yes we experienced those things as well and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be getting better in our schools no matter the zip code.

Honestly I also wanted my kids to learn about our historyand unlearn the lies that are contained in so many textbooks.

So I did what everyone does, googled home-school blogs, searched on social media for families we could relate to and many of the posts and blogs were of white suburban,rural,Christian families with stay at home moms and tidy homes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that we couldn’t relate.

…wait my home is clean, most of the time.

Anyway here’s a list of some Black Home Schoolers that I follow, they give me reassurance and hope that we can do this!

  1. African American HomeSchool Moms
  2. My Busy Bees and Me Youtube Channel
  3.  Fare of the Free Child Podcast by Akilah Richards
  4. Chocolate Covered Boy Joy

There’s tons…TONS of #blackhomeshcoolers with a multitude of resources, guides and encouragement that is very much needed.

I hope this helped.


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