Urban What -now?

Urban Home Schooling isn't a new phrase. The reason we use it,is because we live in an urban environment and many of the earlier home school blogs lived in suburban or rural environments. Not that there's anything wrong with those environments, we just couldn't relate. Representation matters and that's why we created this blog.

What curriculum do you use?

Currently we utilize a virtual Charter School's curriculum and modify as needed. We also have our in-home lessons that cover African/ African American history and literature, personal finance and a entrepreneurial material.

Why do you home school?

For a number of reasons, but one in particular. Regardless of the socioeconomic status, color, creed or orientation all children should have access to exceptional education. However we all are aware that if you live in a particular zip code, or outside of a specific zone that is not the case. Therefore many families like ours choose to take matters into our own hands, and yes even in urban environments.