You see them, those perfect Instagram Home-School pages, with their tidy homes. A menagerie of  dinner recipes, cute crafts, perfect schedules and their Stay At Home Moms.

Oh you got time to craft,cook and still look cute Lisa?

I sound like I’m hating, but I promise you I’m not.  I’m just here to state that you can have laundry piling up, feed your kids tater tots or cereal for dinner (on occasion) and still teach them how to write cursive. It just may not be happening in the clockwork like manner you’d like.

There’s  going to be times where you’ll absolutely get no course work done, but your home will be at peace.

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There could be days of intense curriculum and studying, and a microwave will become your best ally in dinner preparation.

You will work all day and come home to incomplete work, snarky children, and possibly a grumpy spouse, but your bills will be paid.

Multiple days in your week will become take your children to work day but you’ll have an opportunity to spend time with them, have meaningful conversations and learn more about them as people.

This isn’t selling the home-school perfectionist’s dream, this is saying that you will learn to appreciate the good, change what you can and let go of the rest.


You will drive yourself and your children insane attempting a perfect home-school feat .

What balancing acts are you performing regularly?



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