My family made tremendous sacrifices and certainly suffered silently so that I could attend private school. For a brief period I attended public and after being told by a teacher that I was “stupid” in my kindergarten class, my family enrolled me into the nearest Catholic school.

So immediately after having children guess what we decided? That they too would be afforded that same opportunity for education. In our city of brotherly love public schools don’t hold the record for excellence. We worked our as*** off to afford the monthly (rising) tuition costs and without hesitation.

Image result for hustling gifCost is only an issue in the absence of value

The value was called into question when the school’s track record of teacher retention became terrible, my son was being sent home with infractions just about every week, gym classes were constantly cancelled for both children due to behavioral issues from classmates, school trips were constantly cancelled and I began to question;

What am I investing my money into?

30-40k we estimated had been spent in tuition, uniforms, school fundraising just to name a few things, and here we were with children struggling with self esteem with performance. I was running around like a damn chicken with my head cut off juggling school/work/home schedules.Image result for multitasking mom gif

Something wasn’t right

We quickly gathered our coins and common sense and started researching other options, and homeschooling was not in the plan. Yup I said it.

Homeschooling, although I technically did it with my daughter up until age 4, was not the plan. How in the world could I balance work/homeschool/life

Didn’t homeschool moms sit home all day and hover over their kids, create lessons plans, bake cookies and do laundry.

Ya girl had no desire for that and I know you’re asking how in the heck did I, am I pulling it off right?

I’ll answer that in the next post!


Until next time!


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