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What’s the worst that could happen?

By the end of our son’s 4th grade school year, we had our fill of meetings, writing letters to teachers and school admin, disciplinary issues, unfulfilled promises of tutoring and assistance and oh yeah writing checks.

We were  mentally exhausted.

My son was mentally exhausted.

I feel like the cat was mentally exhausted.

The whole house was just… done.

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I had visited the idea of home-schooling and had home-schooled our daughter up until the age of 4 prior to her entering pre-k, but starting at this level of middle school for our son seemed daunting. I wasn’t sure I could manage a career, homeschooling, running a household, helping care for ill family members and somehow stay sane.

The defining moment was a quick phone call to my best friend. She was married, juggling multiple children, worked full time and appeared to be sane. She was homeschooling THREE children and had been doing so for four years and still managed to keep all her marbles…well maybe not all but enough.

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She had enough marbles to break it down to the ridiculous for me. Her words of wisdom were “It’s educating your child on your terms with flexibility, and if it doesn’t work what’s the worst that can happen, you can always re-enroll them back into a Brick n’ Mortar school.”

What’s the worst that can happen

That is a key phrase when deciding whether or not to home-school your children, because most of us are afraid we’re going to make a terrible decision and ruin their childhood beyond repair.

It’s fear based

Who has time to live a life based in fear? Not this chick.

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In Dale Carnegie’s book How to stop worrying and start living he gives advice on when worried about decisions. One of these nuggets is to ask yourself “What’s the worst that could happen, and if that happens then what would you need to do?”

Having a plan for when challenges arise is why I still have edges and if you’d like to keep yours write down the pros and cons of homeschooling, ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen and make a decision.

What’s helped you in deciding whether or not to home school? What were/are your biggest fears?

Until next time!


2 comments on “What’s the worst that could happen?

  1. Layout and content is amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and would second the notion that you managed to keep your marbles, the 🐈 well not so much; she’s still very much 😜. Xoxo

  2. I can’t believe your best friend was homeschooling three children and you took so long to see the light?? Lol Still, better late than never. Good luck on your journey! I’m pretty sure the worst won’t happen.

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